The Power of Three

Your wedding ceremony is (should be) of huge importance. It is the whole essesence of your wedding day – vowing before God to commit to each other until death separates you. Without the help of God, it will be difficult to keep those vows, so it is important, especially as a Christian couple, that you ensure the Lord is in the centre of your marriage. “And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12. With three of you in your marriage, you are sure to be strong and your marriage will stand the test of time.

A beautiful way to demonstrate this in your wedding service, is to have a Three Strand Cord Ceremony or Cord of Three Strands Ceremony. This ceremony is based on the verse above, and is a beautiful addition to your service if you can incorporate it. The idea is that the groom holds three strands of cord and the bride plaits/braids the cords to siginify the union of the man, woman and God. Alternatively, the parents of the the couple could attach the strands to a secure base (perhaps a hook or frame) -signifiying the bride and groom each leaving their parents, and then the couple braid the cords – signifying cleaving to one another, with God in the centre of their marrige. Usually, the cords are coloured gold, purple and white. The gold strand represents God, the purple represents the groom, and the white represents the bride. You can choose to have alternatives colours if you wish – perhaps to match your wedding colour scheme.

Cord of Three Strands

{Photo Credit: God’s Knot}

Before the ceremony, an explanation can begiven on what is about to take place, which is great for witnessing to your guests – showing the importance of God in your lives. After your wedding, you could frame your braided cord, perhaps together with the scripture reference, and display it in your new home as a beautiful reminder.

You can purchase a Three Strand Cord Ceremony set at one of two places:

  • God’s Knot - the cords provided are gold, purple and white on a solid gold ring, with an explanation card.
  • Marriage Braid – you have a choice of 500 colours to choose from, and you are also provided a solid oak frame with name, date and scripture plates,frame fixtures,  instruction card and video. You can also purchase a set with the strands already braided and placed in a frame – perfect as an anniversary gift.

Of course you could try and make a set yourself.

Now, isn’t the Three Strand Cord Ceremony such a beautiful idea? I wish we had had that in our wedding service. Would you consider incorporating it into yours?


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