Modest Wedding Dresses: Modest Couture by Elizabeth

I think I’ve already proven on this blog that modest wedding dresses need not be frumpy and unstylish, but today,  I’m going to prove that point even more by introducing you to Modest Couture by Elizabeth. Think modest, think vintage, think retro, think gorgeous…

{Audrey | Photo credit: Jon Woodbury}

Betsy Barker started Modest Couture by Elizabeth “out of  a need for fun, unique dresses for brides…who prefer not too show too much skin!”  Betsy’s love for the 40′s and 50′s inspires her designs.

             {Debbie | Photo Credit: Jon Woodbury}                                       {Greta}

 Here’s more from Betsy on her designs:

I love helping girls create a beautiful, feminine, modest gown for their wedding that reflects their personality and love for life, while being modest.  I also love the challenges that come from this creative process.  I love creating beautiful, fun, classy, personal gowns, that are not frumpy or dowdy.  A wedding is a celebration of love!  I love helping these girls celebrate their love modestly and with fun!

But, like you, I strongly believe that a womans dress should reflect her desire to please God.  Modest dressing shows Him that you value yourself as much as he does and that you want to reflect His name to all who see you and know you by how you act and dress.  Like a river that follows the course laid out for it by God, when we follow His commandments, bending to His will, and following his plan, we become beautiful inside and out.  Then that beauty is reflected to all we come in contact with.

Each dress is handmade for each bride by Betsy herself, and whilst there is a collection, she also creates custom designs. If you want one of Betsy’s fabulous creations, but are not based in Utah, or inded the US, fear not – there’s Skype! Betsy can work with long-distance brides using email, scans, fax and the afore mentioned Skype – praise the Lord for technology!

{Jo  | Photo credit: Magnifique Photography}
{Cordelia | Photo credit: Jon Woodbury}
I don’t know about you, but I just love, love, luuurve Modest Couture by Elizabeth! Keep your eyes peeled as you’ll be seeing more of this fabulous designer in this corner of the web :)
God bless
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