Daffs, Burlap and Lemonade: An Inspiration Board

I know we’re in Autumn (Fall for those of you across the pond), but the inspiration board coming up is  dedicated to my friend who will by God’s grace be getting married next Spring! :D

When I was thinking about putting this board together, all I could think about was a rustic feel with daffodils {a little story: when I was about six,  in infant primary school, we were given daffodil bulbs to plant at home. We were to take them back to school when they had grown to show (off). The day after we were given them, poor Scott (I don’t know how I remember his name) came to class crying because his dad had mistaken the bulbs for onions and used when whilst cooking dinner!}, burlap and Easter eggs! Well, I ended up swapping the eggs for jellybeans instead and added some lemonade.


1. Daffodils in a galvanised vase/keg thingy.

2. Daffodils with jellybean ‘sand’ for a subtle(ish. Jellybeans are more subtle than Easter eggs or fluffy chicks!) but fun Easter theme.

3. Burlap/hessian/ jute runners look fab on crisp white table cloths.

4. Check out the burlap cake!

5. And the burlap layered invitation!

6. So Spring isn’t quite Summer, but you can still get away with homemade lemonade :-)

7. I totally love the daffodils in limed-filled jars, and burlap and ribbon wrap – swap for lemons and yellow ribbon if you will.

As much as I love Autumn, I do wish it would hurry up and be Spring again!

God bless


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  1. 1
    Ope Sodipe says:

    I love this! The decors are simply beautiful, wouldn’t know which one to pick.

  2. 2

    NO 2 NO 2 NO2 NO2!! I WAANT!! ooooo i love! incorporates my love of all things sweet… mmm and with some tropical germaniums – orange and pink, against crisp white sheets, that will look fab!! sigh

  3. 4

    btw… u know i didnt realise that you had actually mentioned crisp white tablecloths :D … even though i said sheets, so bush i know… lol x

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