8 Things to Do With Your Dress After the Wedding

Can you believe it, but almost 5 years on, most of my wedding dress (so where’s the rest of it? I hear you ask – all will be revealed!)  is still hanging in my mums bedroom! I must think of something to do with it…

Here are some ideas for how to recycle your wedding dress:

1. Sell it on – If you can bear the thought of parting with your beloved dress, then cashing in on said dress is a great idea. You’ll give someone else the joy of wearing a beautiful dress at a reduced cost, and you can have the satisfaction that you got some money back from your wedding. Ebay and online pre-worn wedding dress sale directories are the first places to start. Chichi over at From Now Till I Do gives some great tips for selling your wedding dress.

2. Donate it to charity – this way, you can still bless another bride with the gift of a beautiful dress at a reduced cost, but also contributing to a charitable cause. Check out this post about donating wedding dresses to brides in Kenya.

3. Make a family heirloom – You can make a dedication outfit for your children and keep as a family heirloom. So this is what happened to the train of my dress (now you get why I said most of my dress is at my mother’s place). Here’s the dress that our daughter wore for her dedication:


4. Home furnishings – Depending on the fabric, you can make some soft furnishing such as cushion covers, bedding, curtains – as look as they don’t look tacky!

5. Trash the dress Post-wedding photo shoot - I don’t actually like this idea at all – I mean why would you want to do  that to your wedding dress? Such a waste!

6. Rock the Dress Post-wedding photo shoot –  a better alternative to number 5. You could find somewhere creative to have the shoot and have no pressure to go and meet waiting guests at a reception. Check out this post-wedding photo shoot:

You can see the rest of the shoot here.

7. Keep it for your daughter’s wedding – ok, so your daughter may not have the same taste as you when she gets married, but she may take elements of it or alter it.

8. Save it for your funeral – this is so morbid! But actually, some ladies do this, so perhaps one to consider?…

If you have more ideas, please share them with us below :-)

God bless

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  1. Thanks for the mention.

    It took me ages to emotionally detach myself from my dress to sell it. But I’m glad it’s gone to a new home for another bride to use. I thought about keeping it for my daughter but then I tried to put myself in her shoes. I know I wouldn’t want to wear my mum’s wedding dress lol! How fashion changes over the years!!!! I like that you managed to use some of the fabric for your daughter’s dedication outfit.

  2. Ope Sodipe says:

    Love the ideas. Don’t really like the thought of saving it for my funeral. Bit like waiting for doomsday. Anyways, trash it??!! You maaad!?? I spent loads in it! Or hope I will actually. Erm, also liked that you used your dress for your daughter’s dedication. That’s lovely. Good idea, Might ship it off to a charity though. Get it used asap by people who really need them. Dunno, Suppose I’ll know what to do with it when it happens.

  3. I like the post wedding photo shoot idea. I know I’ve always a day after photo shoot, so I love this idea. I can get on board with every other idea with the exception of trashing the dress and wearing it for your own funeral!

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